Our Creed

Man’s dignity is of absolute value! Within the framework of our laws and of police regulations, we undertake to serve and protect people’s security, putting our lives at risk.

For us, Jesus Christ is the reference by his life, his work and his values. We believe in Him. And we would like to live our Christian values in our profession too.

Some people think that personal faith should remain private and not be mixed up with professional life. Nevertheless, it is precisely daily police life that reinforces our faith. It is thus desirable that the Christian message be discussed, because when lived, Christian values bring peace.

«Blessed are the peaceful, for God shall call them His children.»
(Matth. 5,9)

Jesus said:

«I am a light for the world. Whosoever shall follow me shall no longer wander in darkness, but shall follow the light that leads to life. »
(John 8,12)

We believe that Jesus Christ leads us towards life.