Rule of law – Work-ethical challenges

“The rule of law means that the exercise of state power is permissible only on the basis of the Constitution and of constitutionally and materially constitutional laws with the aim of ensuring human dignity, freedom, justice and legal certainty.” Where ethics is visible, the rule of law can be measured!

We support police reforms for a citizen-friendly police service.

The police play a dual role as a state authority: on the one hand, it is responsible for public security and order, on the other hand, it plays the role of a law-enforcement agency. Their tasks include the promotion of human rights, greater accountability, better abilities in the field of prevention, and cooperating with civil society as a partner. However, Switzerland and the European Union are also carrying out various reform projects.

We complement this commitment through the training and further education of professional training institutions for colleagues in our profession.

Aim and target groups.

Our aim is to strengthen the security of the population and the internal stability of the countries and regions concerned by means of specific training courses for police, judicial and political leaders by, for example, effectively promoting peace-promoting measures or the battle against corruption.

In doing so, we rely on world-wide proven seminars on the topics of “Leadership and Ethics” and the fight against corruption. In consultation with our partners, however, we also offer further training courses such as human-trafficking. with competent speakers from our broad network, which is always practice-oriented with a targeted added value for the activities of our professional colleagues.

“Only a strong character makes a leader a leader.

“Our contribution – our special strength  

Experienced instructors – International team: Specially trained, active or retired officers from the military and police as well as parliamentarians and lawyers from different countries are used as instructors. These expert teams are able to carry out high-level team teaching and practice-oriented courses, illustrated with personal experiences from their professional lives.

Many years of experience: The Christian Police Association Switzerland (CPA) has been conducting leadership seminars “Leadership and Corruption Control Ethics” for senior military, police and civilian decision-makers for more than 15 years, in cooperation with Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) and other partner organizations. To date, thousands of military, police and political leaders (ministers and parliamentarians) from more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America have attended the seminars. In Russia alone, our teams, with the financial support of the SDC, trained some 1,000 officers of the Ministry of Justice over several years, which contributed to considerable reforms in the prisons.

Strong partners: CPA Switzerland cooperates successfully with various governmental organizations and NGOs, as well as with representatives from the political, military, judiciary, police, prison, etc. at home and abroad. This results in greater impact and sustainability in the process of change through good governance.

Transformation and sustainability  

Transformation and sustainability are important, but they do not happen overnight. As we guide seminar participants on how they can change themselves and become multipliers, we make a sustainable contribution to the self-responsible implementation of the desired improvements; Based on the conviction that sustainable and sustained changes can not be achieved solely by external influence, but ultimately based on internalized principles. On this foundation, we also examine accompanying measures or provide material assistance.

.For sustainability, we are happy to work with partner organizations that are already active on the spot and know the country and the people.

Be a peacemaker…

We pursue this task as a non-profit organization through the voluntary activities of our members. We are therefore dependent on the support of state and private patrons who support us financially and logistically on the way to the common goal.


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