«When an international Christian delegation travels to Lithuania and doors miraculously open!» This is how Felix Ceccato, CPA President, sums up the 5-day visit to Lithuania.

It was Stefan and Karin Bolliger from the LoveLietuva association’s third time of welcoming guest to Lithuania in the framework of a joint programme with CPA and «Gefährdetenhilfe Schweiz». This time, from 18 to 22 November, we were joined by Jonathan and Jenny Clayton, experts in «restorative justice», South-African Alexander and Simon Schwarz who works for Caritas Vilnius. Over these 4 days, we were able to deepen our relationship with the management of a women’s prison and teach prison staff about «restorative justice».

We were also able to speak about «restorative justice» on radio XFM. These talks were broadcast during morning shows over these 4 days, in 20-minute segments (see link on www.lovelietuva.net). More training on restorative justice is planned: this subject was actually very interesting to the highest levels of prison management, namely Virginijus Kulikauskas who has promised his commitment and support to launch a pilot project at the women’s prison we visited.

Next spring, we would like the Lithuanian prison management to come to Switzerland to learn about our legal and carceral systems. If this happens, our relationship will become ever closer and our commitment will bear great fruit in the long term.


Photo: the CPA delegation surrounding the general director