Prevention brochures

Prevention is always better than cure!

In professional life, our members are often confronted with situations that could have been avoided with education and prevention.

For this reason, CPA Switzerland is launching various preventive brochures, such as the coloring book for children, the booklet against youth violence, or those on the subject of “safe surfing” on the dangers that linger on the Internet. With these special publications we want to sensitize, inform and enlighten, thus making an active contribution to traffic safety and against violence and crime.

You can help us!

CPA Switzerland is the publisher of the prevention brochures. The editorial staff of the publications are recruited exclusively from the employees of Informationsverlag Schweiz GmbH, and the publications are advertized, printed and distributed free of charge. Through advertisers in our publications, we win an additional distribution network with you as an advertiser. With your advertisements you help to finance the projects of the CPV Switzerland.   You receive advertising space, generate additional customers from your region, and actively support the prevention work.

Quality before quantity!

Together with Informationsverlag Schweiz GmbH, we attach great importance to quality assurance in the acquisition. For example, no calls are made to numbers that are marked with an asterisk and do not want advertisements. Courtesy, seriousness and kindness have top priority in sales and consultation on the phone, an advertisement is very welcome, but we also accept a “No, thank you”.

CPA Switzerland strives to create regional and local editorial offices for prevention brochures. We would like to thank all advertisers for their support, thank you too, and we hope that you will be satisfied with the responses on your ads.

If you have any questions regarding advertising, circulation or distribution of the prevention brochures, please contact Informationsverlag Schweiz GmbH:

Informationsverlag Schweiz GmbH, Fachverlag für polizeibezogene Publikationen
Grundstrasse 18, 6343 Rotkreuz
Phone: 041 798 20 60
Fax: 041 798 20 61

These prevention brochures are only available in Switzerland in German. Partially available in French and Italian.